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Expert Witness services for Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

We provide Expert Witness services for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) related cases, catering to both plaintiffs and defendants. Our services encompass orally reviewing the case with counsel, examining legal documents and discovery evidence, relevant protocols, literature, and standards of care. Additionally, we offer written reports upon request and are available to testify both at depositions and trials as required.

Firearm Consultant & Instructor

We offer comprehensive firearm training services, covering all necessary instruction for carrying a firearm in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Utah.  Be able to carry in over 35 states. Alongside education, our services include consultation and assistance with the intricate paperwork required post-training. With 24 years of experience aiding clients with paperwork, we prioritize honesty and transparency. While we cannot guarantee outcomes, denials typically stem from dishonesty. Our pricing is competitive and transparent, ensuring clients can make informed decisions among multiple options.

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As an expert witness I bring close to three decades in the Emergency Medical Services as a field paramedic, manager, and educator. I currently own and operate an EMS and American Heart Association training center and am also part of several committees related to credentials, standards, and education within New York. I have worked on over 60 cases across the United states including on one of the largest settlements in the State of Washington. My integrity is the most important thing to me and I have turned away several cases since I started as an expert witness in 2014 due to differences of opinion with the hiring attorney.




As a firearm consultant and instructor. I take the Second Amendment and firearm ownership very seriously, however, I take firearm safety even more seriously. As much as I believe in a person's Right to Keep and Bear Arms, I also believe safety is of the utmost importance. It is for this reason that I involve my students in my courses and offer a user friendly environment for all. I am a NRA Firearm Instructor in various disciplines and not only teach classroom courses, but will also spend time with you at the range as needed. My service does not end when the day is over. I always make myself available to my clients when needed. Ref: Paperwork- I do not make any promises because I cannot. The Chief Law Enforcement officers in New York and New Jersey make the ultimate decision as to whom receives a pistol permit. All I can do is shepherd you through the process using my years of experience and expertise.

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