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Consulting Services Available



  • Expert witness review, reports, depositions, and trial testimony.

  • EMS and Paramedic training development and delivery.

  • EMT and paramedic tutoring including anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, cardiology and EKG interpretation, EMS operations, airway management, IV and other medication administration skills (topics not mentioned please contact to discuss).

  • Emergency communications and 911 systems operations and development

  • Deployment mapping.

  • Creation and/or review of policies, procedures, and protocols.

  • Interim management of EMS operations, education, and communications systems.

  • AED and public access defibrillation implementation and/or review. 

  • System assessment, review, analysis, and design.

  • Risk assessments.

  • Hazard vulnerability analysis and mitigation plans.

  • EMS billing, revenue generation, and revenue recovery.

  • Feasibility studies.

  • Fire protection consultation emergency and disaster plans review and/or update.

  • Emergency Medical Services (Ambulance) budgeting and fiscal planning.

  • Mergers/consolidations.

  • Strategic planning.


William G. McDonald, PhD, Subject Matter Expert, FACPE, FAcEM, NR-Paramedic, NCEE, CIC, CEM

Founder, Principal Consultant and Executive Director
Based in the New York City Metropolitan Area.  However, we have assisted clients across the U.S.
Will review cases from any jurisdiction.
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