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Subject Matter Expert in the following areas;
  EMS/Paramedic Standard of Care Issues
  Duty to Act
  Breach of Duty
  Emergency Airway Management & Intubation
Positional Asphyxia & Death in Custody
  American Heart Association Guidelines & Education Standards

  • CPR, ACLS, PALS, and ACLSEP Instructor    

  Emergency Vehicle Operations (EVOC, CEVO, EVOS)

​​  Stretcher Malfunction and/or Misuse  (Ferno or Stryker)                      (as well as other moving devices such as stair chairs, Reeves            devices, and KED's)
  Emergency Response Procedures and Protocols
  EMS Education & Training Issues (at all levels)
  Psychiatric Patient Treatment and Standards
  Emergency Communications Center & Dispatch Issues (EMD)
  Improper Patient Handling & Falls
  All other 
EMS, Hospital, Fire & Police Department issues

  • If issue not listed simply call for a free consult.


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